If none of the pumps in our range of products are applicable for you, BLUEDIAMOND pumps offer the ability to design and manufacture bespoke pumps to fit your HVACR requirements perfectly. In fact it’s our speciality and what sets us apart from the wider one-trick pony market.


BLUEDIAMOND pumps invents all of its own pump technology and invests heavily in state of the art R&D to design, develop and prove its products. Our accomplished team of engineers are on hand to engage in any client focused design projects. With everything from tool making to assembly carried out in house we have total control over every aspect of the process ensuring outstanding quality and product reliability. We have developed over 10,000 different pumps and their variations in recent years for almost every application imaginable.


A wide range of material options are also available for both bespoke and existing products so when it comes to conceiving a pump for you, the sky is the limit.



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